Ben Lee

Director of Community Impact

Meet Ben Lee, our Director of Community Impact. He believes we all deserve an honest and equitable shot at living our best life. Outside of work he is a partner to Tiffany & dad to three boys. They like to read & write poetry, write & play songs, and spend time with their closest friends.  Ben is always chasing down the perfect cup of coffee.  Ben says,  “I’m most passionate about community advocacy, art, literature, music, poetry, relationships, and creating equitable life experiences for all of our neighbors. These are the things I measure a successful life by. I think all of these play an equal role in our happiness. I think my most proud accomplishment would be the work we’ve done in the community. I value the relationships we’ve built, the friendships we’ve made, and the incremental ways we’ve made this community a better place.”  


Prior to working with United Way, Ben held a 12- year career in Human Resources & Corporate Training, most recently with Footlocker, Inc.